2019 And Beyond: SEO in the Future

The search engine industry is advancing at a breakneck pace, meaning that online marketers continuously have to make updates to their SEO techniques. In this article, we are going to outline a few key factors you need to take into consideration when planning your website’s SEO strategy for 2019.

Long-form Content

Google has been rewarding long-form content for a while now and is only set to place more value on it in the future. Gone are the days when you could publish a few 200-word keyword-optimized blog posts on your website and start ranking for lucrative search terms. High-quality long-form content can be expensive, but it is worth investing in it. 2000-word articles article also provide you with the added benefit of being able to target many long tail keywords. Just make sure you structure long-form content correctly, so it is easy to digest. For example, you could use multiple sub-header tags, tables, lists, bullet points, infographics and more.

Mobile Optimisation

A large percentage of the population now use a smartphone as their primary device to browse the internet. This means that optimizing your website for mobile browsers is essential. Google’s 2018 mobile-first algorithm update resulted in many sites losing their top position on SERP. It is sure that search engine ranking algorithms will continue to place more emphasis on the need for websites to be optimized for mobile devices.

Website Speed and Security

Website speed and security are key ranking factors that are often overlooked. Going forward in 2019, ensuring your website is using the lastest HTTPS technology vital for any successful SEO marketing campaign. Furthermore, improving page loading speed is also essential. To increase a website’s loading speed and uptime, you might need to upgrade to a better web hosting provider. Alternatively, you may need to start optimizing some of the data-rich content on your website. While a 4k resolution website header might look awesome on a large monitor, it could also be slowing down your site and impacting its position on SERPs.

Voice Search Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

As technology like Google Home, Siri and Alexa have increased in popularity, voice searches have become more and more mainstream. Many online marketing analysts predict that over 50% of all web searches will be voice searches by 2020. This means you need to optimize your business website for voice search keywords. Such keywords often take the form of short commands or questions. Also, people tend to use more colloquial language when speaking, so you might want to conduct some keyword research into conversational words and phrases related to your business niche.

Structured Data

Using descriptive tags and structuring the content on your website using tables, headers, bullet points, makes it easy for search engine crawling bots to classify and index content. You might have noticed that Google search results now often feature structured data from websites above the organic search results and in the website description section. Structured data is going to become more critical in the future of SEO Seattle marketing.

Build A Brand Reputation

While backlinks are guaranteed to remain a crucial ranking factor, linkless mentions are predicted to become more valued by ranking algorithms going forward. Linkless mentions are incidents on trusted websites when your business is mentioned without a hyperlink attached. Consequently, you need to start building the brand reputation of your company, so it gets more mentions from sources with high domain ranks.

Fresh Content

Despite many of the predicted changes to the future of SEO, one thing is for sure, and that is that search engines are going to remain hungry for fresh, quality content. Therefore, content creation should continue to form a big part of your business’s SEO marketing campaigns in 2019.

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4 Tips for Optimizing Your OnPage SEO

Marketing a business today means having a digital presence, a lot has changed since the dawn of digital marketing. Since most of us are now very reliant on the internet for getting all of our information for almost anything, this is capitalized by businesses to promote their brand.

With the overwhelming amount of information on the internet right now, the goal is to be the most relevant to people’s searches. Not only that you also want to appear first among the results that appear on search engine queries people put in related to what you are selling or what you are offering.

There are a lot of techniques that can help you improve your page to achieve a good on-Page SEO status, here are four of the most basic you need to know:

Invest in a good hosting service

Before anything else, you have to make sure that you are hosting your web page with a reliable service provider, Since the host provider manages all the uploads of files that you need and how it gets shared to through the Internet, they are also responsible for keeping your website readily accessible Hosting with a more reliable server can make sure your site won’t be having constant downtime.  Speed is also a factor and a good hosting service will help make your website load faster.

Build on your keywords

Since indexing is the way that search engines work, make sure that your keywords are present on your page and placed strategically so it can appear in more searches. At the same time make sure you don’t overdo it with the keywords or you can get penalized for that.  Here is a look at how to use keywords strategically.

Make your page adaptable to phones

Not all people do their searches using their computers. Most of us now have smartphones which we use for browsing while on the go. Making your web page visible and easily accessible on mobile phones helps you rank better.  Google has already rolled out their Mobile First Index, so don’t lose traffic because of an easy fix.

Check regularly for updates and errors

Web page maintenance is as crucial as building it. The premise is, if your web pages is not up and running smoothly, then the less likely will it be indexed favorably and the less it will appear in searches. There are also upgrades that should always be kept in check to make sure your website is within the parameters that will allow it to be accessed by search engines.

These are just basic tips. There are far more detailed tips and more technical ones but all in all these four are also the most crucial.

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What Are the Benefits of Guest Blogging

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is used by website owners to increase the amount of people that visit their website. Traffic will drive up the value of your business or brand. Guest blogging adds fresh content to your website. The website owner takes the copyrights of written content by another author and posts the content on their website. In fact, a website owner can have several guest bloggers or stick to one that has great written content on a unique niche that benefits their website. The website owner is creating brand awareness that also uses the benefits of SEO.

Why Is Guest Blogging Important For Your Website?

The most important use of guest blogging is to drive traffic to your website. An inactive website will have a hard time competing with other brands. However, a guest blogger can also add authoritative resources to your website and cause traffic to rely on your website as an informational resource. People that visit your blog are looking for trustworthy website content. A guest blogger should be able to increase your appearance of expertise on your subject matter or build your business name with their written content. Guest blogging is a great content marketing tool.

You expand your readers with guest blogging services. A guest blogger will write your content based on your unique needs. More importantly, guest blogging provides an inbound resource for your website with written content. Your written content should be well thought out to increase your performance metrics. Their written content should have relevance to your website brand or business needs. Choosing a guest blogger with influence is very important because it will help you meet your website visibility goals. A guest blogger can be a high profile contributor, social media influencer, an expert in a particular subject, or an academic researcher.

Guest blogging has versatile content marketing benefits for your website. You can become an industry authority with the use of a guest blogger that can provide the right written content. They provide behind the scenes resources to advance the development of your website. As the website owner, you can proofread a series of drafts before you receive the final content that will be posted on your website. You want your core group of followers to continue to benefit from your guest blogger, but you also want to attract new visitors to your website. through fresh written content. Guest blogging should compliment the main theme of your business or brand.

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